Reading challenge: October

Oh my goodness October reads have been amazing!!!! I think that’s why I’ve finished my 3 reads this month with a week to spare, honestly they were all so good!

  1. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
    Just WOW, this BOOK! I’m not usually in to fantasy but after reading Bone Gap back in August I thought I would try this (it was a suggested read on Good Reads) and by god it’s brilliant. It’s almost a child like story (in fact the main character is a child) but it’s eerie (and in some parts quite scary) and the fantasy aspect of our world colliding with another is just done so well. Please just read it.
  2. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
    If you don’t like flowery language or you struggle getting into books then this isn’t the one for you…but I loved it. I found it a little difficult to get into the swing of it at first but once I had it’s so well written I just devoured every page. It’s set out in two parts; fates and furies, and it sees one marriage from two different sides (the husband and the wife) it’s so interesting to read these two different view points.
  3. Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski
    This was in such a different format to what I usually read (it’s transcribed from a podcast) but I found it addictive and could not put it down. It’s so creepy and I loved how the tension built and left you wondering ‘whodunit’. The dynamics between the characters were really interesting as well, and the unexpected twists just aided in the unease you feel when reading it. Again thoroughly recommend.

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