Reading challenge: September

Get in!! I did 3 books again September (although I’m still disappointed by the measly 2 in August!) and they were good ones!

  1. Rooftoppers by Katherin Rundell
    I LOVE a good kids book and this 8-12 age range really has some brilliant books! Rooftoppers was amazing AND the illustrations are beautiful. The story in this book is really heart wrenching and considering it’s a children’s book it doesn’t dress up grief or play down the use of language. I learnt a lot about Cello’s. It has such delightful imagery and it’s a really special story. Throughly recommend.
  2. Kind of Cruel by Sophie Hannah
    This book is a total mind blag, SO SO interesting if you like books that have a psychological twist. I liked the one you have a therapists point of view in it as well with, what I presumed, were real facts. I don’t think the blurb on the back does this book justice.
  3. Hot Milk by Deborah Levy
    So many people have raved about this book on Twitter, it’s been a best seller in lots of magazines as well…but I did not rate it. For the first half I found the story quite hard to follow and a bit depressing. The way it’s written means there are lots of descriptions I found didn’t really make sense. I enjoyed the second half a lot more, maybe I had got into the swing of the narrative a bit more? But the main characters mother was just driving me insane!

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