Ivy at 8 months

My beautiful girl is now 8 months old, can you believe it?! So, I thought I’d give you a little update on how she’s doing.

She is doing SO WELL it’s amazing to see her grow and develop. She can crawl now, and fast, and she can pull herself up which she does A LOT. She’s just started letting go of things and standing on her own for a few seconds. I can’t believe how quickly she learns things.

Her favourite things at 8 months:

  • Singing and music – she loves music and dances along
  • Clapping her hands – especially to the song ‘wind the bobbin up’
  • Waving hello to EVERYONE – she LOVES how much attention she gets when she waves at people
  • Smiling at everyone – she’s a cheeky monkey and loves getting people’s attention
  • Toys – she loves to play and will entertain herself happily for a lot of the day
  • Garlic and bananas – not together! But she loves garlic cheese and eats huge bites of banana
  • Saying Mama – ALL the time
  • Boobie milk and snuggling in bed – I also love snuggling in bed with her
  • Animals – the bigger the better!




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