Life of Ivy

My little Ivy is already 3 months old, It’s gone so fast!!! She’s becoming a real little person now, and her character is coming through more each day.

What she likes:

  • Chewing my thumb (I think her teeth are coming through already!)
  • Chewing all her teddies!
  • Walks outside where there are trees she can look at
  • Being jiggled on your knee (she smiles so much!)
  • Raspberries on her tummy
  • Swimming and baths (her fave thing!)
  • Kisses and cuddles (lucky me!)
  • Chatting to me in her own language
  • Watching me hang the washing out


She doesn’t really look like she’s enjoying my kisses here ^^ !


In her little baby wetsuit, she’s so cute she makes my heart hurt!


Nap time snuggles with both cats!



My little beauty xoxo


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