Italian adventures: Amalfi Coast

After spending 3 delightful nights in Rome we picked up a car and drove to the Amalfi Coast. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Amalfi, and see the charming little properties hidden in the hillsides…and, of course, the sea!

We arrived quite late in the day on the first day so the sky’s were a little dark and the waves were rolling in.


I was really sad that the sea was too cold for a dip, but managed a bit of a paddle.

Amalfi Coast


The next morning we awoke to blue sky’s and headed to Ravello for a walk around. Stopping for a photo high up…breathtaking.



Then we headed to Positano…JUST LOOK AT THAT!


As the sun began to go down we headed into a little bar, where there were lemon trees…


…and snacks!


On the way back to the hotel I spotted this cute litle Fiat!


We woke up early the next morning and headed to Mount Vesuvius!

Monut Vesuvius

If I’m honest I was a little disappointed by the experience of Vesuvius, it was too tourist orientated with lot’s of gift stalls near the crater which sort of ruined it a bit!


The view from the top though!


In my next Italian instalment – Sicily!


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