Snowblind Rignar Jonasson

I was recently lucky enough to be given a copy of a wonderful Icelandic book called Snow Blind from Orenda Books, and I have to say that I LOVED IT.

I have a thing for crime books, especially ones in unusual settings and this book doesn’t disappoint – set in Siglufjörður: an idyllically quiet fishing village in Northern Iceland.  Based around main character Ari-Thor, a newly qualified police man, who moves to a close-knit community the story unfolds as an elderly writer falls to his death at the theatre and a woman is found half-naked and unconscious in the snow.

At the same time we learn a lot about Ari-Thor and the way he feels about the girlfriend he’s left behind, and a potential new love interest he meets in Siglufjörður. I loved how the climax of the story is made even more intense by the imagery of the snow, the more it falls, the more Ari-Thor feels the need to solve the crime.

I also loved the references to the close-knit community, reminding me much about the small village I grew up in where people don’t lock their doors and everyone knows everybody else. It was interesting to read how much this seemed to annoy Ari-Thor and he had to adapt his policing.

After reading this book I researched more about Siglufjörður which has increased my love for the book, I thoroughly recommend!


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