Autumn in the air

I’ve been back to work two weeks, TWO WEEKS and where the heck has that gone?! Feels like just yesterday I was laying on that beach. Autumn seems to have reared its head, it’s colder and darker in the mornings and the trees are starting to turn.

On Saturday we headed out to climb at Bram Cragg, which is near Keswick…

Bram Cragg

The views, and the clouds, were pretty impressive and while it was chilly I enjoyed the smell of Autumn in the air. The climbing was pretty good too and I managed to lead some routes!

Bram Crag

After a full day climbing I headed out ON JACK…for those of you who follow my blog you’ll know I have been busy teaching him how to have a human on his back and it payed off BIG TIME…


He’s a flipping SUPER STAR!


After a little ride out (solo I may add!) I popped Jack into his box for his tea and spotted a little white and ginger shape in the straw…

Jack & Cat

Jack soon realised Bubble was there!

Jack & Cat

Poor little fella, must be warm in the straw…


I popped Jack back out just as the clouds began to darken. Awww September I’m glad you’re here.



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