Easy Terrace & a wedding

I’ve had one of those beautiful early spring weekends where the sun has shone, I’ve been outside and now all I can think about is summer!

About this time last year…maybe a little later in the year…I blogged about Easy Terrace – a scramble in the Lake District, which I love…and as the sun was high in the sky (the sky was blue!!!) Monkey man and I donned our walking boots and set off up the rocks.

Dow Crag

Easy Terrace runs up the side of Dow Crag from Walnar Scar in Coniston. Dow Crag and I are foes when it comes to climbing (I had a traumatic experience swinging in  mid air from a rope here once) but we are firm friends when it comes to scrambling.

Dow Crag

Dow Crag

Dow Crag

I noticed spring had really bloomed when we got home – must have been the sunshine…


…so I was inspired to wear flowers as we headed to a wedding…





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