This cat…

My little cat Flash has been part of my life for a whole year now and I love how funny he is, he cracks me up everyday. He likes to sleep with his head back…

photo 5

photo 8

photo 6

He knows that when the curtain is tucked behind the radiator it makes a nice warm hammock for him to sleep in…

photo 21

He also knows that once he’s toasted himself in his warm hammock the best place to get cool again is to lie on the floor…

photo 22

photo 23

He likes to sing a long to theme tunes on the TV…

photo 24

And he knows just the look to give me to get attention…

photo 25


One thought on “This cat…

  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    Great cat! but hey, what are those paintings in the back ground? Can we see more of them and who did then???? xxxx

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