There’s no place like home

I love to travel and explore but sometimes there really is no place like home…

I’ve somehow managed to spend a lot of time near (and in) rivers this past week, including dive bombing into the river at Leven’s I may add! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of this!

This one at Staveley…

Staveley River

River staveley

…and this one at Dallam (will have to ask my Dad if it’s actually the same one at different locations!) I had a good old paddle at this one, and this mother and baby dear were frolicking around just by me.


A few cows blocking the road on my way home, wish I could have a cow.


Mum took me to see these stunning flowers at this house just down the road from where she lives.




Which meant I had to see little Alf of course!



The cat keeps trying to come to work with me, I drove for about a mile the other morning before I realised he was in the back!


Home sweet home.


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