Alfie, flowers and Buttermere

I have been super busy this week, again, doing lot’s of writing – working on my collection of short stories – but on Saturday I managed to catch a few quick rays with my Mum and Alfie at Wolfhouse Tea Room.

Me and Alfie had a quick selfie while we were waiting for mum…


Mum had some really pretty flowers in her house, she loves flowers as much as me…maybe that’s where I get it from.


As per usual Alfie had to sit on my knee…and Mum managed to get this rather delightful picture of me…

Me & Alfie

Mum wouldn’t let me take her picture but I managed to get one!



After a lazy Saturday, Sunday was spent scaring myself half way up a crag (aptly named High Crag) in Buttermere…



It’s quite a trek up to the foot of the climb, hence my appearance…

At the top

Then on the way down we saw these super cool American cars out on convoy, so cool!




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