This week…

This week has been pretty busy (as usual) working, writing, horses and tromping take up a lot of time!

Scrambling is my new favourite past time and this week I went to scramble up Jack’s Rake at Pavy Ark in the Langdales…the hardest part was trying to stand on this rock while Monkey Man took my picture!! I fell off about 30 seconds later!

Pavy Ark

Pavy Ark

Pavy Ark

Made it to the top!!

Pavy Ark

In other news Jack has a new friend…meet Puzzle.

Jack LOVES Puzzle (and I’m pretty sure its reciprocated) and they won’t leave each other’s side.

Puzzle and Jack


Just put these on because Flash looks cute!



2 thoughts on “This week…

  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    You look great on your scamble, it’s beautiful! Jack and pPuzzel look realy cute, Puzzle is lovely, so’s Jack. Good pictures of flash! Love Mum xx

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