More horses

I know its probably getting a little tedious all these horse posts…but I had to share with you some pictures of Erin as I don’t often post about her. When my friend Harriet left England to go and live in America (no she hasn’t given up and come back yet) she left this little lady in my capable hands. She’s a Fell Pony, so a different breed to my beloved Jack, and she was pretty shy at first. She’s come round now (only taken 2 months!) and now she’s really friendly and loves to have cuddles in the field. At the weekend we went for a good old gallop across the field which was pretty scary if I’m honest…she was abit more excited than I would have liked!

Fell Pony


Fell Pony

Hale Moss

Speaking of Harriet…she recently sent me some post from the glamourous USA and look at these stamps! This is her old horse Wonder. I’m not horse obsessed…honestly.



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