Create a reading nook

Book nook

Sometimes all you need is a cosy book nook…since we have got the new house I have been dying to find a little spot where I can have a reading chair and my books all around me, unfortunately so far I have had to make do with my comfy bed but watch this space, a reading nook is happening!

Create a cosy reading nook – a dedicated space where you go to read. This should be in a small and enclosed corner of your house or garden – an alcove, a tepee, a study, or behind the curtains in a huge bay window, where you are hidden from view. The important thing is that when you are nestled inside it, you cannot see anything that needs your attention.

Make your nook deliciously warm and inviting. If you like to curl up on the floor, fill it with cushions and a furry rug. If you prefer to stretch out, treat yourself to an elegant chaise lounge. You’ll need good lighting in your nook, a soft blanket, socks or slippers and Β a flat surface on which to put some books, your reading journal, a pencil and a cup of tea. Keep ear plugs in there, and a set of headphones for audio books. Hang a sign at the entrance to your nook gently dissuading others from visiting – unless they too want to crawl inside and read. Once in your nook, forget about the chores. Take your house with your book.

Extract taken from super, and useful, book ‘The Novel Cure’

The Novel Cure


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