My best friends the cows

In the field where I keep Jack are these highland cattle. They’re fluffy and scruffy with massive horns and they’re very friendly, they even have some small fluffy babies in the herd which are super cute!

As you’ve probably guessed I love all animals but I especially like cows, and today when I went to give Jack some cuddles I couldn’t help but give the cows a few garlic treats too. They really love them and once they realised I was giving out food they all raced down the field. Got to be careful of those horns!

Highland Cattle

From silverdale with love

Highland cattle

highland cattle

In my trusties Joules wellies, Topshop dress and my sisters Asos coat

From silverdale with love

Mum wouldn’t let me take her picture, but look at her fab spotty coat!

After all that fresh air and plenty of horse and cow cuddles I decided to make a really hearty pudding – bread and butter pudding. It was amazing covered in loads of cream!

Bred & Butter Pudding


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