Get transitioning, spring is coming

Kitty Ferierra


Hooray there’s light at the end of the dreary January tunnel!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling a little flat of late. After the whirlwind of Christmas and New Year, seeing friends, going to parties and wearing as many sequins as was humanly possible, January brought me thudding back into real life.

Until that beautiful thing called Paris Couture Week reared its head, and I forgot all about moping around and lost myself in the delights of fashion once again. Now as many of you probably know Couture isn’t really the kind of thing you can wear on the tube, or when popping out for a quick mushroom croquette at Grain Store, but boy can you take some inspirations from the collections.

Floral was just making it in to our psyche last Spring/Summer and this season its back with a bang (a literal floral explosion). Dreamy, bright, feel good florals were just what the doctor ordered to bring you out of the slump and into spring time.

Of course it’s still a tad on the chilly side out there but don’t worry mixing in some chunky knits is the perfect way to cope with the transition from winter to spring (and it’s effortlessly chic too).

Take the Pomonion tea dress for instance – just add black tights, a stylish boot, and cable knit cardi and you’ve got the perfect outfit for lunch with friends, even if it is rather blustery outside.

Or you could add a fitted jean, cute flats and a stylish cape coat to this floral spice shirt, ta dah an ideal look for a Sunday walk (once the sun decides to show its face again).

Via Kitty Ferreria


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