101 in 1001

Recently I stumbled across this lovely blog called Chronicles of Him & Her and whilst browsing through the lovely pictures, fab house ideas and outfit choices I cam across an article called 101 in 1001. The idea is that you make a list of 101 goals you would like to achieve in 1001 days, it got me thinking about all the things you mean to do but never really seem to get round to, and in an effort to be more organised (especially with the new house!) I decided to do my own 101 list.

Its taken me along time to collate this list, when you sit down and think about really obtainable things you would like to do its really quite hard! Hope I’ve got everything on there, I will document them as I complete each one.

101 in 1001

  1. Visit Italy again
  2. Get the perfect eyebrow shape (finally)
  3. Learn how to ice dance (not impossible for me btw)
  4. Come up with a better way of organising my jewellery
  5. Perfect my belaying technique
  6. Learn how to cook five new meals
  7. Learn how to bake five new cakes/desserts
  8. Throw a dinner party
  9. Attend horse of the year show
  10. Have a hot stone massage
  11. Organise my short stories
  12. Outline a proper plan for my novel
  13. Get my Pilates instructor training
  14. Go back to Wales
  15. Take part in a charity run
  16. Visit Norway
  17. Collate a book of easy to cook recipes
  18. Read two classic books I haven’t read
  19. Visit all the museums in London
  20. Find the perfect white coat
  21. Fully categorise my wardrobe
  22. Book a spa day with friends
  23. Go on a charity ride
  24. Throw a charity cocktail party
  25. Go to see the ballet
  26. Walk 10 of the peaks in the Lake District
  27. Lead a trad route
  28. Plant and reorganise the garden
  29. Find the perfect pair of sequined shoes
  30. Camp in the ice and snow
  31. Go quad biking
  32. Go off-road driving
  33. Organise a family photo album
  34. Find a book club to be part of
  35. Volunteer at a hospice
  36. Teach Jack to jump
  37. Start showing Jack
  38. Teach my mum how to blog
  39. Document my fitness routine
  40. Have professional underwear photos done
  41. Go skiing
  42. Get a collection of cards and wrapping for emergency presents
  43. Take dressage lessons
  44. Buy a sewing machine
  45. Get my phone screen fixed
  46. Have the house decorating finished
  47. Purchase all the outdoor clothes I am in need of
  48. Learn how to make my own going out dresses
  49. Get more book reviews in place
  50. Go to Edinburgh with my sister
  51. Visit my friend Harriet in America
  52. Create a writing room in the house
  53. Decorate the front bedroom
  54. Find the perfect reading lamp
  55. Perfect my freelance CV
  56. Go walking in the Isle of Skye
  57. Camp in woodland by a waterfall
  58. Go for afternoon tea at Laudree
  59. Visit Devon
  60. Visit Oxford
  61. Print a personalised book
  62. Adopt a rabbit
  63. Create a photo wall in the house
  64. Organise a family party
  65. Guest blog for organisations that mean a lot to me
  66. Buy more books from the charity shops
  67. Submit more articles to magazines
  68. Have dinner in Mayfair
  69. Take a holiday on a night train
  70. Go in a rowing boat
  71. Buy a new leather bag
  72. Meet up with old friends who I haven’t seen for ages
  73. Go and see a burlesque show in Paris
  74. Go on a writing retreat
  75. Attend Fashion’s night out in Manchester
  76. Attend Fashion’s night out in London
  77. Go for cocktails in Manchester
  78. Make my own cushions
  79. Go on a weekend away with my Mum
  80. Go on a days walking with my Dad
  81. Volunteer at the animal rescue centre
  82. Change all the light switches in the house
  83. Find new ceiling lights for the downstairs of the house
  84. Learn how to hay bale
  85. Make a scrap book of all my favourite magazine images
  86. Improve my Tumblr
  87. Go to a fashion blogger event
  88. Attend a writers talk
  89. Go to a book signing
  90. Attend a cultural event
  91. Visit Buckingham palace
  92. Buy a pair of shoes in Italy
  93. Find some unusual shelving for the living room
  94. Furnish the window sills with more plants
  95. Refine my short stories
  96. Catch up on television series’s
  97. Go and see cirque du solieil
  98. Write to some friends by hand
  99. Learn how to website code
  100. Perfect my Photoshop skills
  101. Laugh more

One thought on “101 in 1001

  1. Susan Fletcher says:

    I’m hoping I don’t have to wait for you to do do all 37 before you do 38! And I’m really looking forward to 79!!!! love you lots xxxxx

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