I can’t get you out of this one…

Jack Simpson was angrier then he had ever been. Angrier than when he had found out his sister had been seeing someone ten years older than her, even angrier then when he had found out Kelly was pregnant. How could she have done this too him?

His boots slipped in the mud as he hammered at the fence post with his mallet. Maybe if he could concentrate that anger on the post he would be alright again when he got home? As if, he knew that would never happen. She would be waiting for him at home trying her best to get him in a good mood. She would have made dinner and have beers chilled in the fridge. What more could he really want? Well all that is well and good he thought but with all that goodwill came mood swings and Kelly’s incessant need for him to love her. That he could never do.

He swung the mallet higher and faster, hitting out at the post harder and harder. With each hit it was like she was striking his heart. What had she been thinking? He hated her. He hated him. But most of all he hated himself, if it wasn’t for his stupid mistake none of this would have happened. He was the catalyst for the turn of events. His boots slipped more and more in the saturated mud ridden ground. The foreman was looking over at him like I was some kind of crazy man. Maybe he was. Hammer, hammer, hammer. Splinters were starting to fly off in all different directions.

‘Jack!’ Someone shouted. The words weren’t registering. He could vaguely hear the squelching hurried footsteps of someone running towards him.


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