Back where I started

Its funny how life changes, and as you get older the way in which you live life at its happiest can be completely different to how you imagined it to be.

This morning as I tromped up the field to feed the horses, with the crisp, crunchy grass underfoot I marvelled at the quiet all around me. Peering into the distance I could make out the bay and the hills, and across in the next field the cows were quietly eating their breakfast. I took a moment to take things in (as I often do when I’m alone outside) and thought about how times had changed for me.

Having been brought up in the countryside, a childhood spent playing in fields and making dens in the woods, as a teenager I had imagined myself a career girl in the city. I embraced this briefly, swapping the quiet country lanes for the traffic jams and noise of Dubai, but after coming home one night exhausted from having to fight my way through travel, work and the constant drone and demand of ‘busy’ people I decided that while the idea of city life was nice the reality was one hundred per cent not for me.

Now, as I stood in the field watching as Jack contently ate his breakfast, every now and then looking up at me to indicate I should continue to stroke his ears, I felt at ease for the first time in my life. Things were fitting into place, sorting themselves out and the fact that I was back where I started (in the countryside with my horses) made me happier than ever.

I’m ready for the next adventure now…


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