Confession of a shoe addict: Heels get retro

TREND ALERT! The Comma Heel is back people!

So I might be more than a little excited at the prospect of the comma heel being back in our midst. Championed by the iconic designer Roger Vivier in the 1950’s (who just as an FYI brought about the first stiletto heel in 1954!) he designed these stunning and unusual heels during his time as designer for Dior.

Last night while I was doing some next season wardrobe planning I noticed Olivia Palermo (my personal style icon) sporting a rather special (and updated for SS13) pair of comma heels designed by Raf Simons, who is currently at the helm at Dior. But HOLD THE PHONE I haven’t told you the best bit yet – Olivia P’s comma shaped beauty’s had MIRRORED HEELS! Yes you heard right, shoes you can check your make up in (if you so wish).

Now you might be shocked to hear that I don’t actually own a comma heel (YET) and it was only when I saw them on the QUEEN OF COOL that I did some research into this quirky heel and realised that in sporting this style you are pretty much wearing history! I’m hoping this trend filters through to the high-street as I am trying to be a little thriftier with my money (I know snooze) and those Dior beauts cost more than my car.

Via ShoeRA

Olivia Palermo


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