The rise of quiet confidence

In our current celeb obsessed work, where in your face wealth, throw away fashion and plastic surgery culture are the du jour it’s nice to see that a new trend seems to be emerging – quiet confidence.

Quiet confidence is a new breed of woman, one who cares about the environment around her and makes smart choices in life. She’s interested in knowing more about where her clothes come from and embraces putting together a wardrobe of key special pieces instead of filling her life with one wear dresses. The quietly confident woman knows that less is more, that real beauty comes from within and that well fitting, sustainably made clothes make for smart shopping.

It’s a refreshing and welcome change to the type of woman the media has thrust into the spotlight in the past few years, with an army of carbon copy party girls whose revealing dresses and overly tanned limbs make us forget there is a person behind this in your face exterior. Quiet confidence embraces the new trend for stylish simplistic dressing where key pieces, such as an elegant dress or well fitting trouser can be worn again and again. Planned key pieces such as these means that outfits can easily be taken from day to night, dressed up or down, and kept fresh with accessories. Showcasing a pulled together elegance warrants sophistication, and encourages us to be taken seriously as women.

Fabric is a key factor in the evolution of a wardrobe of key re-wearable pieces. Whilst one season, one wear outfits are cheap, they are usually ill fitting and bad quality. Quality fabric makes a huge difference, providing a better fit and allowing you to wash and wear things over and over again.

What we wear should be an extension of our personality, not a shield and making smart choices when it comes to buying our clothes not only encourages sustainability but leverages longevity, enabling us to wear our favourite looks for longer. It’s all about feeling good about our choices and what we wear, and when we feel good in our clothes quiet confidence shines through.



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