Are we all creatures of habit?

Are we all creatures of habit? Recently I bought a new horse, a beautiful big Welsh section D palomino called Jack. Because of this purchase my morning routine has changed somewhat to accommodate him as you may imagine, and whilst driving home from giving him his breakfast this morning I began to notice the same people popping into my routine, going about their own routine. These were new people, people I hadn’t had in my life before but whose routines were now part of my routine.
Of course this isn’t my only routine in my day, on my drive to work which I take at the same time everyday, there are numerous people whose routines collide with mine. At the corner of one of the roads I pass a white BMW with a curly haired lady in it. A little bit further on, where there is straight stretch of road I always come across a man walking three white dogs, sometimes one of the dogs is in a back pack on his back. Nearing the school a man with glasses rides his bike past me, wearing a green cap. I often wonder to myself do these people notice me too. Do they judge their punctuality on me like I do them, often thinking to myself ‘Ah there’s that man with his dogs, I must be bang on time’.
When I was at University I used to take the same route through campus to my Wednesday lecture each week. Leaving my house at 8.35, it was by a sandwich shop on a corner that I would come across the same man. Giving him a courteous smile as we passed one another, I would look out for him to gage my time scales, not seeing him if I was early or running late. A few months later I came across him in the library and we said hello. I would like to say that because of these meetings we are now friends or lovers but in my eyes that’s not how these meetings work, and, a few months later I left University, my routine changed and I haven’t seen him since. I hope one day he will pop up somewhere else in my life, on another routine somewhere.
My routines, especially my working ones, have changed a lot of the years. Being in a transient time of my life I have taken bits of work here and there between studying. It doesn’t take long to get a new routine though, and within a week I find myself noticing the same people around me. Travelling on a train is always good for this and during a brief stint where my morning commute required me to travel on the Arnside to Barrow train I noticed that my fellow commuters even sat in the same place everyday.  During this time I would often exchange pleasantries with a lady who used the 7.58 to travel to visit her mother in the next town each day, I never found out her name but I know that she always wore a scarf.
For me as a writer I find it interesting seeing these people who pop in and out of my life on a daily basis who I know nothing about. I find myself wondering about their story, and making my own little stories up about them, and in the same instant wondering if they notice me as well?


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