Confession of a shoe addict: Bring back the 90s


I might be a little slow on the uptake here but is it me or is everyone sporting single strap stiletto sandals at the moment?

Way back in March when on a shopping trip to Manchester I noticed that Zara were sporting a new breed of shoe, a dainty but sexy single strapped sandal with an ankle fastening. I purchased with some hesitance, unsure if this trend would catch on and if I could even wear them (a lover of platforms and all). I’m just going to stop there to reiterate the point that I SPIED THIS TREND way before Diane Kruger got her sartorial credentials in Jason Wu at an event the other week. Anyway I digress, on purchasing these minimalist beauties I popped them on my shoe shelf in the section ‘potential’ and it was only when I saw a good friend of mine rocking a stunning pair from Tibi (the exact same pair Olivia P has been toting round town I may add!) that I remembered I had them.

Now I would like to make a point that these beauts are not for the faint hearted, with a staggeringly thin heel and achingly cool flat sole they aren’t the comfiest (or most practical) footwear (but who cares when you can look as stylish as Rihanna rocking her spike heeled Valentino stunners).

What do I wear them with? I hear you say, well as all things 90’s seem to be in at the moment (if you’re not old enough to remember Google Jennifer Aniston Circa 1994 and you will see that she had the 411 on single straps way before Miss Delevingne was even out of nappies) and this shoe gives you the perfect accessory for the lux hip hop vibe that is gracing the pages of Elle and Harpers as we speak. Dressed up but dressed down equal’s a style mavens dream.

Personally I will be pairing mine with some printed trousers I picked up in the petite section of New Look (yes they have this now!) and a cami from The Row (which by the way have a stunning pair of single straps in their sister range Elizabeth and James, get on Net-a-porter!) Now all I need is somewhere to wear this outfit, that doesn’t involve rocks, or mountains, or in fact any form of uneven surface, wish me luck!

Via ShoeRA



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