I put my eye up close to the gap in the stone wall and was met with two tiny eyes gazing back at me. The eyes, which were connected to the most slender of necks blinked curiously at me. Tiny and inquisitive she didn’t seem to be scared of me at all and she cocked her head slightly to the left as if trying to take in all my features. Her long elegant neck reminded me of a swan and as I peered closer I could see that her shell was made up of the most intricate patterns.

I put out my hand pulling my face back from the gap and watched intrigued by what she would do next. It took a minute or two but after that she gracefully slid forward towards my outstretched palm. Her tiny eyelids blinked away as she took everything in, and she bent her neck down and patted my hand with her head. Slowly, as if gliding on ice, she made her way on to my hand. She gazed up at me, stretching her neck out further, her eyes taking everything in.

I picked a large green and luscious dandelion leaf and held it out to her, and she took it gingerly in her tiny mouth. I could tell she was happy and contented, and after a few mouthfuls she stopped eating and gazed up at me once more. I placed the rest of the leaf into the gap in the wall and held my palm out. Her back was to me and she slowly turned her face to me once more before returning to her home in the wall. I smiled down at her, and watched as the dragged the leaf further into the hole her pretty shell moving from side to side.

In the distance there was a quiet call and I turned my head, my mum was calling from the house that it was time for tea. I looked back at her, she looked sad, holding the dandelion leaf in her mouth her eyes angled down. I have to go I told her, its time for my tea. She dropped the leaf and moved forward a little, her eyes looking up expectantly. You can’t come I’m afraid I told her, and put out my littlest finger. She moved forward a tiny bit and put her head on my finger, I stroked her shell. We’ll be the best of friends I told her and smiled. She blinked back at me before making her way back inside the gap in the wall.


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