The BIG debate: Face or figure?

Growing up my mum has always maintained that as you age you’ve got two options: face or figure. Either you look like an old wizened raison face with a fab toned yoga body, or you have soft young cheeks and you let your body go a bit, and I know I would rather have my youthful glow any day.

Being from the countryside in the North of England it’s quite the norm to look youthful well into your sixty’s, being out in the country air and making big family stews. These kind of women wouldn’t dream of working out in an attempt to look young. They work out to be healthy, and in this way maintain their youthful glow in their faces.

I feel that many of these obsessions with youth stem from an unhealthy mindset, which is what leads to overtraining. This overtraining then leads to other obsessive and unhealthy practices like plastic surgery because in the quest for a youthful body people often forget the effect it is having on their face. Case in point Madonna she has tried so hard to maintain an age defying figure, that she’s added plumping cheek fillers to her face because her fitness routine has made it look sunken. What’s more many women are trying bazaar beauty routines in an effect to reverse the effects of extreme exercise. Bird dropping face mask anyone? No I didn’t think so.

I read an article the other day that middle age anorexia was on the increase, as women try more and more to compete with their younger counterparts, but their quest for youth so often leads to the opposite effect. Striving to maintain a perfect figure can lead to sunken cheeks and hollow eyes, which is a sure fire way to look old. Poor Demi Moore’s quest for a youthful body have led to a stint in rehab and a knee lift, both of which I’d prefer to avoid.

They say that ‘fat is the best filler,’ and while it is unhealthy to carry too much spare a little meat on your bones does help to pad out the wrinkles. In this way I feel you are much more likely to have the best of both worlds and there needs to be that balance. Allowing yourself to work out in a healthy way, means that you will keep that youthful glow and you don’t have to beat yourself up if you fancy that odd extra biscuit.

There are also several other advantages to looking young facially as you get older; a) being ID’d. As a youngster this extremely frustrating, and people say to you’ll be thankful of it when you’re older, and guess what you are! It’s a huge ego boost. B) Getting asked if you are your daughter’s sister, again a major confidence increaser, (admittedly this can often be said tongue in cheek by a man hoping to woo you) also irritating your child (extra bonus). C) Getting chatted up by a handsome young thing in bar, after which telling him you are ‘old enough to be his mother’ (observe his priceless expression). These moments would never occur had you the body of a twenty year old and the face of a fifty year old.

While I really do have the upmost respect for those women who work like Trojans in the gym because they want a svelte and youthful figure, given the choice I would much rather a youthful face than gym honed abs. After all who see’s those on a daily basis apart from your husband and chances are he loves you for exactly who you are inside, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.


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