Are we carrying our baggage around with us?

Last week, while lugging my gigantic and heavy handbag out of the car, I began to wonder why us women do this to ourselves. I mean I live a mere six minutes away from my place of work, I don’t have children and I rarely stay out over night, yet I insist on heaving my entire life around in what could effectively be named a weekend bag (Mulberry of course). Vera Wang recently stated that all she needs to carry around with her is her Blackberry thus making her better equipped to be a power player in a mans world (her words not mine), did she mention the army of personal assistants who are no doubt somewhere in the background carrying all her other essentials?

Looking through my bag (in the vain hope I may be able to downsize) I realised that much of the things I deem ‘essential’ are in fact vanity items. Perfume, bronzer, hair brush, nail polish, a purse the size of a small clutch, chewing gum, phone charger, gloves, scarf, hat (more sensible in my opinion) snacks…the list goes on. Of course as I never know where its going to be possible to write I often carry my notebook around with me…and then a book…an additional notebook (for ‘scribbles’)…a magazine…we’re probably getting to around the weight of a small baby.


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