A brief bit of sun – August

Hasn’t August been such a rubbish month so far?! Some days I’ve honestly been cold! It’s not felt like summer at all, except for this one weekend just before we went to Chamonix.
It’s days like these that I appreciate living in the English Lake District so much!

After getting soaked ^^

Also this has nothing to do with sunshine or outdoors but I’ve just finished this book ^^ and oh my goodness it’s so good, like nothing I’ve read before!

A week in Chamonix

If you’re an avid follower of this blog you’ll know that Chamonix was the first place Monkey Man and I went as a couple. It was about this time 5 years ago!! So I was very happy we were able to take Ivy there last week.

Chamonix is a really family friendly place (although expensive!) but there’s lots to do if you like walking and biking and going up high!

Here’s a collection of pictures from the trip, they’re all a bit random because I didn’t take enough per day to do a post per place we visited, but there were lot’s of mountains, waterfalls, baguette and ice cream!

^^ Ice creams for the win!

Reading challenge: July

I struggled with my reading challenge this month, I’ve spent the evenings doing work instead of having my nose in a book so I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage 3 books this month…but I did!

  1. Elijah’s Mermaid by Essie Fox
    I was drawn to the cover of this book (I know you shouldn’t be!!) and it was honestly brilliant. I found it quite hard to read at first, there’s a lot of description and so you need to be fully awake to read it properly BUT the story is just amazing. It’s set in the 1800’s, there’s magic and mermaids, and murder and love and a crazy artist…it’s just great.
  2. The couple next door by Shari Lapena
    My sister bought this and then lent it me before she read it but I’d seen people tweeting about it on Twitter saying it was good…and it was, although I found some parts a bit unbelievable and all the characters seemed to be a little too entwined. It also scared me a bit as it’s about a little baby getting kidnapped, but still worth a read I think.
  3. The Marsh King’s Daughter by Karen Dionne
    I’d actually started reading another book as my 3rd book of July but then this dropped into my lap, and oh my goodness it’s brilliant! I read this in 2 days, I couldn’t put it down, its such an interesting story and really gripping. I especially liked the narrative told from then and now.

Something exciting!

Well this is RATHER exciting…

This is my new little venture and I’m so excited to share it with you! From September I will be running courses on blogging, social media and marketing and I even have a snazzy new website.

The first set of courses are here:
Social Sessions – September (12th, 11-12.30)
Social media for the self employed artist (whatever medium you work in) – September (15th 10am -12pm)
Social media & blogging for your small business – September (27th 10am – 12pm)

For more information on what area’s the courses cover or for more information click hereΒ 

Thank you for your continued support and for reading my blog, hopefully my courses can help you out a bit too!

July days

Gosh I love living in the countryside, and the views never fail to disappoint me. Last week me and my sister had a little walk to the lime stone paving in Beetham…and then a bite to eat at Wolfhouse in Silverdale (which has changed hands and is now called Wolf and Us)

^^ The best pancakes at Wolf & Us

^^ this little Robin’s botty!

Beautiful July!

Ivy’s 1st birthday party

Originally I couldn’t decide what to do for Ivy’s birthday party, I’d looked at renting out a restaurant, or a village hall, then I was going to have it in the garden at my Mums but that was weather dependant…so in the end I decided to have it our house. This turned out to be the best thing to be honest because Ivy could just wonder about basically just basking in the attention of everyone!


For the past three years in June we’ve joined The Rucksack club on their annual climbing weekend in Anglesey, Wales. Somehow, and I’ve no idea how, each year the weather has been spectacular and this year was no exception.

I love being by the sea, and although this year I didn’t get to climb, I still had a wonderful time pottering about with Ivy. We camped on the beach (her first camping experience) and it couldn’t have gone better.

^^ the little harness she’s wearing is to stop here from running away!

If you fancy visiting Anglesey I really recommend South Stack cliffs, there’s a RSPB cafe which is brilliant and the little tower is great for exploring. There’s also puffins, and we spied a dolphin way down in the water. More info here

Never work with dogs and Kids…

…but they’re both so cute!

I forgot to share these photos from a few weeks back…

If you didn’t already know Ivy is very fond of animals, especially dogs, and when were invited along to a photoshoot she was over the moon that this tiny puppy was there!

^^ she’s not actually squashing him here by the way!!

Reading challenge: June

Pssssst I already started my first book of July…little head start!! Anyway here are the 3 books I’ve read during June:

Into the Water, Paula Hawkins
I loved Girl on the Train so I was looking forward to reading her second book, however I was a little disappointed with this. There was lot of hype about this book from publishers, obviously because her first book was so brilliant (seriously Girl on the Train is a really brilliant book and much better than the film!) but I felt there were just so many clichΓ©s in Into the Water. The only interesting bit was the historical fables that ran along side the main story.

A Separation, Katie Kitamura
This book was SO GOOD! I found the writing style in this just so interesting, and the storyline was exactly what I love in a book – a sort of strange mundanity (am I selling it to you?! haha). I’ve never read a book where there’s no speech whatsoever in it, and I found the way it which the writer dealt with this so brilliant. This book was on Vogue’s books of 2017, which is where I heard about it, and I can see why. It’s sort of glamorous in a funny sort of way. Throughly recommend.

Withering by Sea, Judith Rossell
Firstly this book is aimed at 8-12 year olds, but I couldn’t care less its brilliant! It’s pure escapism, easy reading and the illustrations are beautiful. I’ve long been a fan of Flavia de Luce (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie) and Lemony Snicket so when I saw this as a recommended read on Amazon I had to get it. It’s a brilliant story, and the perfect book for laying in bed with and reading it in one sitting (not that I got to do that, I have a child so those days are well and truly gone!!)


Can you believe this time last year Ivy was a little freshie?! I know everyone always says how quick the time goes but seriously this year has FLOWN by! I think because Ivy sat up, crawled and walked so early it seems like her tiny baby days were even more fleeting.

Now she dances and runs and talks (a few words) and it’s like having a little lady that just constantly follows me around. It was her birthday on Friday 23rd June and we had a lovely little party for her on Saturday. She LOVED it, although she didn’t know what it was for, she just enjoyed having lots of people at the house and getting all the attention!

Little cheeky monkey! I’ll do a post on her party next week xx