Spring fashion inspiration

Becoming a Mum has been a whirlwind experience – lack of sleep, busy days and lot’s and lot’s of love. What I have noticed is how my style has had to change, I can’t wear heels on a daily basis for instance and at the start of motherhood I lived in leggings. Now I feel I’ve got some of my style back, and here’s a few looks I’ll be trying to embrace this spring.

Outfit inspo from Gal Meets Glam and Atlantic Pacific


Days with my little lady

Days spent with my little lady are my most happy days. Now she can speak (and speak her mind she does!!) she’s even better company.

Lucky for me she likes puddles and cats and Starbucks…is there more to life?

Puddles HAVE to be muddy of course ^^

Starbucks usually means dancing…

…and cats, there’s a lot of them




Spring sights

Could it be Spring? I have been dreaming of sunshine for a few weeks now. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy having seasons and winter time is a welcome sight BUT I am most definitely a summer gal, I just love to be warm.

Signs of a new season starting are my fave…snowdrops, daffs and lambs…and I have spotted a few spring sight lately.

Dreaming of summer reading this


January and February reads

I decided to continue with my 3 books a month challenge that I did last year, and so far in 2018 I have read some corkers!


The Assistants – Camille Perri
I thought this was going to be a major chick lit book, and while there is a big romance and some typical chic lit vibes, it actually had a really interesting theme and lot’s of girl power.

Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman
Oh my goodness, I know I am late to the party on this one but its so flipping good. I’ve not really been one to read fantasy before but after reading one of Neil Gaiman’s other books last year I have totally fallen in love with his amazing writing. A bit like Harry Potter for grownups, and much scarier!

Wormwood More – Judith Rossell
This is a kids book but I actually found it pretty spooky, it’s the sequel to one I read last year which was also brilliant and I’m actually disappointed that there isn’t more to the series.


The Last Mrs Parrish – Liv Constantine
I got this book for Β£2 from Tesco!! It is so flipping gripping, with twists and turns, with echos of Gone Girl. 100% worth a read.

The Roses of May – Dot Hutchison
Don’t read this if you don’t like gore. Its a bit of a heavy theme and slow going so not my favourite of the year but if you read the first one called The Butterfly Garden then it’s worth a go.

The Girl Friend – Michelle Frances
There’s a bit of a theme in fiction at the moment of psycho woman…a similar read to The Last Mrs Parrish (although not as good) but enjoyable with a twist at the end.

Life update

Oh my goodness it’s MARCH people! Life has just got so busy I’ve not had time to blog but I’m BACK. In case you were wondering here’s what’s been happening…

We’ve had a bit of snow. Ivy is not the biggest fan of snow, she’s most definitely a warm weather gal!

It’s been blooming cold but I feel like we’ve come out the other side of it now…spring is hopefully on it’s way.

Can you believe Ivy is already 20 months old?! She is so hilarious, she literally has me hooting with laughter.

More updates soon, in the mean time check out daily updates on InstagramΒ  and if you fancy joining one of my small businesses course check out them here (Essie Media)

Better late than never

Well hello there 2018! I’m a little late to the party, I had so many good intentions to blog Christmas and put up a review of 2017 (still might do this!) but time has just got away from me and here I am middle of Jan just getting chance to blog. I’ve been doing lot’s of work and writing lately AND I had a nice two week break over Christmas and New Year so I can’t complain.

Unlike most people I actually LOVE January, I love planning the year ahead, the cold weather and the feeling of starting afresh!

November at Nicky Nook

Have you been to Nicky Nook at Scorton? If not you should go, it’s beautiful! It’s a firm favourite of ours, especially when there’s cakes at The Barn afterwards (hint, go and eat in The Barn it’s much nicer than the little cafe within the gift shop)
The walk itself is really gorgeous at this time of year, it’s what I would call a riot of colour!

Check out that tree!! I can’t wait for Christmas!

Autumn time days

I’ve been busy with lot’s of work lately, a writing project called Once. (view that here) and courses and marketing plans with my businessΒ Essie MediaΒ 

Luckily I’ve had some time to get out and about, especially when the weather has been sunny. Autumn light is BEAUTIFUL don’t you agree?

^^ You might have spotted this field before in my pictures, it’s in Beetham and I just love it!

Hope you all have a good week xoxo

Reading challenge: October

Oh my goodness October reads have been amazing!!!! I think that’s why I’ve finished my 3 reads this month with a week to spare, honestly they were all so good!

  1. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
    Just WOW, this BOOK! I’m not usually in to fantasy but after reading Bone Gap back in August I thought I would try this (it was a suggested read on Good Reads) and by god it’s brilliant. It’s almost a child like story (in fact the main character is a child) but it’s eerie (and in some parts quite scary) and the fantasy aspect of our world colliding with another is just done so well. Please just read it.
  2. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff
    If you don’t like flowery language or you struggle getting into books then this isn’t the one for you…but I loved it. I found it a little difficult to get into the swing of it at first but once I had it’s so well written I just devoured every page. It’s set out in two parts; fates and furies, and it sees one marriage from two different sides (the husband and the wife) it’s so interesting to read these two different view points.
  3. Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski
    This was in such a different format to what I usually read (it’s transcribed from a podcast) but I found it addictive and could not put it down. It’s so creepy and I loved how the tension built and left you wondering ‘whodunit’. The dynamics between the characters were really interesting as well, and the unexpected twists just aided in the unease you feel when reading it. Again thoroughly recommend.