Can you believe this time last year Ivy was a little freshie?! I know everyone always says how quick the time goes but seriously this year has FLOWN by! I think because Ivy sat up, crawled and walked so early it seems like her tiny baby days were even more fleeting.

Now she dances and runs and talks (a few words) and it’s like having a little lady that just constantly follows me around. It was her birthday on Friday 23rd June and we had a lovely little party for her on Saturday. She LOVED it, although she didn’t know what it was for, she just enjoyed having lots of people at the house and getting all the attention!

Little cheeky monkey! I’ll do a post on her party next week xx

Peony delight

Finding fun places for Ivy AND for me is sometimes a challenge…luckily for me I like gardens with flowers and she likes running around in them. On Friday we went to Sizergh Castle gardens, it was BEAUTIFUL. I’m glad we caught the Peonies in time because they may just be my favourite flower…

^^ 3 baby cygnets! Sorry if this picture looks a bit funny, I’ve tried to lighten it so you could see the babies! Ivy REALLY wanted to get in this water!

We had such a lovely time, walking about, seeing the swans AND if you go soon you’ll be able to see (and smell!) all the lovely sweet peas!

More info on Sizergh Castle & Gardens here

Green hedgerows, cows and sisters

This backpack we got is a blooming god send, it means I can take my little side kick anywhere…

…including wading through water! ^^

At the moment my favourite activity with Ivy is going out in the countryside for walks, she seems to like it too especially when there’s cows to see. This one was SO friendly!

We’re off to Wales this weekend for camping & climbing (pray for sunshine!) hope you all have a lovely weekend x

Mum days

This week has been SO busy, it’s amazing how quick the days go by. In 2 weeks time Ivy will be one year old!!!! Can you believe it?! My little baby is a little girl now!

In between work and writing we’ve been on a few walks , both wet and sunny…

I’ve got stuck into two brilliant books, I throughly recommend!

^^ The Muse is brilliant, a wonderful story of women in both WW1 and the 1960’s. It’s amazing how stories come from peoples heads!

^^ I’m not sure this book lives up to the hype (well I didn’t think so anyway) I much preferred the first book she wrote.


It was quiet in the house, she sat down on the sofa and let out a long breath. She’d had time to think, she’d had a minute to take it all in and she knew it was the right thing to do. It was time for something new, a fresh start, it was scary but it was true.

There are some things you only get once chance at. She didn’t want to miss that chance.

It was quiet in the house, she drank her tea. Before she knew it things would be different, she wouldn’t be needed like she was now, but until then she would give her time because time couldn’t be taken back.

Summer meadow

Sitting here writing this now all I can see is wind and rain…so you wouldn’t really believe how BEAUTIFUL it was last week when I took these pictures!

We took Ivy to the meadow near where we live, this is the meadow where Monkey Man proposed to me (2 years ago now!!), and it’s one of my favourite places to go when it’s sunny.

Her little red chin ^^ is from our backpack, she always rubs her chin on it for some reason!

Happiness right there x

May time in France – Le Lavandou

We’ve just got home from a beautiful holiday in France, we’ve been to Le Lavandou before but it was even better with Ivy. Two years ago we holidayed as a couple in Bormes les Mimosas (a village down from Le Lavandou) and it was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. Swimming in the sea, paddle boarding, sunbathing (revisit the post here) so we decided to go back…

Can you see why?!

This little lady LOVES the sea, we couldn’t keep her out!


Reading challenge: April & May

Ooooops would you look at that it’s the 1st of June!! We’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in France (Ivy’s first trip to the beach!!)

Anyway before I blog about our time in France here’s the books I’ve been reading in April & May, as part of my reading challenge.

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick
The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr
The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place by Maryrose Wood

Domina by L.S. Hilton
The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen
The Muse by Jessie Burton

Sunny Sunday at Gresgarth Hall

Spring is BLOOMING lovely at the moment, we’ve had some beautiful sunshine. I love it when everything is in bud and all the birds are singing!

On Sunday we paid a visit to Gresgarth Hall, the gardens are absolutely stunning. It’s a private house so it’s only open once a month in the Spring and Summer. I just love it.

Ivy’s getting better and better at walking and the grass is just perfect for barefoot practice.

I’ve put together a little VLOG at the end of this post too, I’m no videographer but I hope you enjoy.

Some information about Gresgarth Hall here 

Reading challenge: March

Phew just finished my 3rd book of March! Good job Monkey man bought a PlayStation I just read my evenings away.

So in March I’ve read:

The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan
This is SUCH a good book with a really heartwarming story. It’s a light read I would say but with a wonderful mix of interesting characters and an unusual storyline.

To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin
I have been waiting an ENTIRE YEAR for this book, as soon as I head Beatrice Colin was releasing it I was excited. I love Beatrice Colin’s books and this does not disappoint. It is definitely my favourite book of the year so far. It’s such a brilliant love story and set in an era that I love, and it’s so interesting learning about the building of the Eiffel Tower. I recommend this book highly!

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
OH.MY.GOD. this book! My head just exploded with the twisty plot in this, you really need to concentrate and I could not figure out which characters were good and which were bad…but the ENDING was flipping amazing, did not see it coming, amazing.